After the end of the wine industry electricity supplier battle bucket, the crowd has drunk

in the face of the ferocious giant, if the upstream supply is controlled, liquor business was grabbed throat; choose to continue to burn to pave the way, they are not the nouveau riche opponent. Therefore, those who do not grasp the brand does not grasp the user’s company is easy to be eliminated. They only grow to race against the self Zhandexianji, it must be close to the needs of consumers in order to survive.


these years, brewmaster network, 1919 liquor business rise, though they are not eye-catching in the field of electricity supplier, but also muffled fortune. Today, we have to talk about these new era wine makers enjoy a story that no smoke filled with wine business.


line of old and new fight, fight by

it is well known that the water in this field has always been very deep. A bottle of wine from the factory to the shelves, need to go through the level, such as the level of agents, distributors, and finally presented in front of consumers is not only a bottle of wine.

in the period 2011 to 2012, to 1919, brewmaster network, the wine network as the representative of the liquor electricity supplier website have debut, as these years the electricity supplier for the traditional 3C digital sales industry caused strong impact, liquor business from the start leveraging the traditional counterparts cheese. But with the field of digital 3C is the electricity supplier down stores different liquor business the advent of threats is the interests of the winery, electronic business platform price even only for the ex factory price of 70%-80%. After 2013, due to the impact of Official business expenses such as ordering policy, liquor sales into the low tide. In order to compete for interests, an online vs line under the cup wine war broke out.

first came from the old Langjiu wine enterprises, in 2013 to September they announced the declaration form and 1919 break, and said not sold Langjiu products for quality assurance. Due to differences in pricing, the cooperation between the two sides in the previous year to suspend, 1919 was taken from other dealers purchase measures. The move aroused serious discontent Langjiu aspects, and eventually led them to a formal declaration of war".

in addition to Langjiu, Wuliangye and other well-known brands are also at that time and the liquor business has undergone many disputes. Entered in 2014, Moutai’s accession to the battle to upgrade to an unprecedented scale. Last August, Moutai officially announced brewmaster network, the wine network suspected of selling dubious authenticity of Moutai products, and never have had their cooperation relationship. Revolt and Langjiu, although Moutai holding the fake banner, but the essence is still competing interests involved in pricing.

whether it is fake or blocked, they care about is just the inherent winery price system and channel system. If the liquor business "rules", in fact, they also see the competition between electricity providers and traditional retailers, after all he is the ultimate source and hold the pricing. This truth, and the relationship between the old and new mobile phone manufacturers and hardware vendors are quite similar. < >

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