Net explosive fakes are frequent cross-border electricity tricky in the honey bud network

international big name is actually the purchase of mainland factories

Wang is a super Daddy: before BB was born, every time I go to Hongkong or abroad, the box will be milk, diapers, nutrition and health care products such as baby stuffing. However, since the major cross-border electricity supplier platform on the line, he has no longer rely on human handling a variety of supplies.

but he worried about things, frequent cross-border electricity Maoni, some disguised as a fake international big, become genuine sales in "overseas tour". The day before, a variety of goods was broke through cross-border electricity supplier white wash".

in this regard, insiders suggested that the current cross-border business can really direct cooperation and brand are not many users, cross-border purchases to identify the brand and channel is too cheap, big goods are mostly "copycat".

text, figure finishing / Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Guangyan


registered trademark as "big"


recently, a netizen in the micro-blog claimed that, in the online purchase of honey bud three declared as "100%" and "authorized sales" Japan Betta gem series glass bottles, but in comparison with the purchase from the Japanese Betta website the same type of bottle, the two companies are the same, and the former is not digital it is suspected of fake identity.

then, after a series of network attack and defense, the consumer removed the previous complaint micro-blog. However, the reason why consumers delete micro-blog, because the business sector finds, honey bud network Betta and sell Japanese goods is two brands, the former information (including not only the certificate of origin, customs declaration, inspection certificate, transportation certificate), the Ministry of Commerce in accordance with procedures — this core is a company registered in domestic companies.

of course, the Japanese Betta denied authorized honey bud network sales of Japanese ZOOM.T company Betta bottle, and said he was not responsible for identification of true and false, it is recommended that the user in the regular store to buy. In this regard, honey bud network said there had been on the Japanese Betta (ZOOM.T Corporation) authorization, but in October last year to stop the agreement, the negligence of the work did not change the data.

in other words, consumers buy honey bud online, using ZOOM.T data, models are consistent with the Betta product is not a commodity ZOOM.T, but another company’s Betta bottle.

previously, rosemari stroller also issued a statement, said the sale of MACLAREN Quest honey bud net cart is fake, the official did not give authorization.

coincidentally, South Korea bestie color cosmetics brand "3 CONCEPT EYES" (3CE) also found a similar situation: registered the 3CE trademark in China, then find the co generation plant, and then through the electronic business platform sales in foreign big.

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