Dual 11 full channel upgrade will push the door shop data products

store delivery stores from mentioning, scan code shopping, privilege deposit is mainly used to purchase more stage this year 11 full channel scene.

, unlike last year, this year 11 shops Tongqing, through a large number of transactions, there will be precipitation things down, Ali will also provide product data bank support line entities.

this year, 11 full channel play, will launch speed up.

August 24th, Tmall held a "2016 Tmall dual 11 share conference" in Shanghai by Tmall official business learning organization "Tmall’s host, will slightly sink businesses on the division of the wolf Tuo 11 full channel share double upgrade play, speed up this year, will become a major highlight of the mobile phone. The industry will take the lead in using.

The following is the

wolf Tuo share, the "world network operators" arrangement:

This year’s

full channel in the "double eleven" force is still the scene, shops tongqing.

full channel five scenarios

store delivery stores from mentioning, scan code shopping, privilege deposit is mainly used to purchase more stage this year 11 full channel scene.

the first scene is the store delivery. Consumers online orders, will be assigned to the stores in Ali or, businesses can find grab, orders or even refuse such as single entrance. When he received a single, you can choose a logistics delivery. The shopkeeper Ali also provides logistics tracking function.

second scene is the store from mentioning. First, consumers in order before you can see what goods to support the store from mentioning him when the next one, you can choose whether to store from mentioning, as well as to which specific stores from mentioning, after consumers will receive a two-dimensional code, to verify the delivery of goods, stores.

third scene is to scan the code to buy cloud shelves.

fourth scenes is a bonus deposit plus payment link. Mainly used in the home improvement and automotive industry these two.

the last scene, but also this year’s 11 dual channel Highlights – speed up. If the system found that there is a warehouse receipt within 5 km of a warehouse, and is equipped with the ability to transport the warehouse, it will support the city. If this condition is not satisfied, in the same city, there are stores and inventory, the downgrade to 24 hours. This year, mainly in the mobile phone category by using this model.

is against celebration! What is the difference between the


this year 11 shops Tongqing last year and there are several important differences.

We found that

double last year end of 11, after the withdrawal of Yilabao, stores and not too many things settle down. But this year’s celebration will be through a large number of shops after the transaction, there are settling down things, there will be a strong product data bank, to support the celebration after the whole channel businesses and shops.

last year’s celebration of shops is a full channel mode set up word >

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