On the road 28 electricity supplier hovering in the electricity supplier of the door, ready to go

yesterday in the 28 business forum made a survey of e-commerce [you are most concerned about is what?] even as of press time, a total of 33 people participated in the voting, the figure 01 figure

the voting results show that the proportion of the largest is preparing to enter the electricity supplier industry friends, 28 push friends seem to be interested in the promotion of the forum. Should be more webmaster technology, continue to try what the Internet is fishing gold project. E-commerce is indeed a good prospect of the industry, but not ready before, many of our students are still in wait-and-see.

also felt that the current situation of Taobao the seller is a form of electronic commerce most, electricity traders seem to tend to push the 28 station type, in fact suggest that pat, Taobao more than the seller under the exchange of experience, not always rely on long-term development platform. Taobao 10 years before the achievements of many individual sellers, but now to the mall’s transformation, enough to prove this point. Here and non Ali group brainwashing incentive exchange experience, is bound to get out of the shackles of thinking.

e-commerce in today’s rapid development of it?

first look at a Deutsche Bank forecast for China’s e-commerce: data is expected, China’s personal e-commerce spending will reach 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan in 2014 scale, accounting for the total retail sales of $7.2%. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics, China currently has 20700 e-commerce sites, Deutsche Bank predicts that this figure will reach 23000 by the end of 2010. Relative to the total sales volume of 20 trillion per year, the development of e-commerce is very broad.

involved in the investigation of 12.12% has entered the ranks of e-commerce team, I think this should be the beginning of the electricity supplier morphology, so more people find that B2C is the biggest profit model. 06 years, the United States B2C sales accounted for 60% of total sales, while domestic but only $7%. The mainstream of China’s e-commerce in the future, does not belong to B2B, does not belong to C2C, and will inevitably belong to B2C.

we just decided to step into the e-commerce industry, I would like to tell you about my understanding of e-commerce:

what kind of conditions is the pass of e-commerce:

: the first in the domestic supply of high quality, low price, is the most intense competition of electronic business, the other is good service, express delivery, customer service quality, everything, not the price advantage, you will lose a considerable part of the advantage of


second: user experience, network marketing, e-commerce carrier test server, network design, network promotion, I will not say, you are the master, I will not show. In the early stages of the establishment of the brand is the most difficult work, e-commerce is also a never-ending link.

third: cargo inventory management, e-commerce operations will take shape will have a good management system, ERP tube >

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