E-commerce Vice card becomes ace

traditional enterprise "Pathfinder" B2C, often think that the "experimental field" is a piece of paper, actually is overgrown with weeds". Many sources of unknown small vendors including Taobao in sales platform, known as the "goods" and "smuggled goods", "Chong goods" in the online sale of hot products. Although the enthusiasm of buyers fried hot, but let the line dealers complain constantly, but also blocked the pace of brand enterprises to enter the B2C market.

Septwolves assistant chairman Hu Jun said the Septwolves e-commerce business, the first job is to rectify the online channel, with taobao.com forensic center cooperation, Septwolves every month to rectify the approximately 30 unregistered Septwolves company authorized to make free Septwolves brand or name of the shop.

in 2007, just the "Internet" Pathfinder on the face of this choice, also made the same decision. At that time, the Pathfinder online exclusive agency rights licensed to Beijing landscape fashion company, and come from the landscape of fashion, in cooperation with the forensic center on the Taobao platform to clean up the Pathfinder online sellers.

, however, after a year of cooperation, Pathfinder online transactions and not because of the removal of "weeds" and rapid growth, 2008 sales of only about 1 million also failed to reach the total retail sales target of 1%. Due to the clear market at the same time did not launch the corresponding sales policy, "weeding" behavior has hit brand in the online sales atmosphere.

was in the outdoor trading area not hot, both in the Pathfinder crackdown will focus on CROCS and lax supervision of international brands, Taobao in outdoor brand toread trading ranking, and not into the top 10 brands. Pathfinder e-commerce department was founded, the first challenge is to restore the brand online sales atmosphere, Pathfinder e-commerce team realized that relying solely on brands can not occupy all of the online share.

2007 Lining Lin Li served as director of e-commerce, this contradiction and Pathfinder is compared to Septwolves ifheavier: nearly 1000 channels of unknown businesses in Taobao and other e-commerce platform to sell products overwhelming Lining.

at the beginning of the establishment, we have an idea, the management of the network channel is of great significance, we can not face the more than 1 thousand shop pretending not to see." Lin Li told reporters. More than 1 thousand shop on the network without any management and norms, is completely in the state of disorderly competition, emerge of itself and perish of itself. These sellers in the erosion of the interests of Lining at the same time, but also to bring the brand to the online coverage of the.

to avoid "clean up" losses, but also to avoid the passive competition between the 1000 rivals and fall, Lining’s choice of way is through the "encounter" authorized, will have the strength of big sellers into Lining’s online sales system, and through the big sellers to influence small sellers, a step by step to the online channel specification >

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