The rear can see maternal electricity supplier mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore who is swimming

with the full liberalization of the country’s two child policy, is expected in the next 5 years, China will usher in the peak of the birth of the baby for the fourth time, the value of one trillion yuan of maternal and child consumption market in China has entered the era of high growth. Maternal electricity supplier is from "two children ready to, want to grab a slice of the economy". Data show that maternal line penetration is low, only about 6%, far from 3C, cosmetics, clothing and other categories of large proportion. It is a good market prospect, in the hot maternal electricity supplier in the market, in addition to Tmall, the Jingdong and other platforms, many vertical maternal electricity supplier rapid rise, honey bud and Babe network by many capital "pet" lead the way, honey bud from September 2015 completed the Baidu led the $150 million D round of financing recently, babe network has also been new horizon, such as the northern lights led the D $100 million round of financing. Are D round of financing, are standing on the air, the tide faded, to see who is swimming naked".

‘s largest maternal and child electricity supplier honey bud site formally launched on March 2014, is currently the largest importer of maternal and child retail electricity supplier. Valuation of more than 10 billion, in 2015, March, the first to take the lead in the mother and baby industry price war. According to the honey bud, said the 3 day of the month to promote sales exceeded $300 million. In 2013, honey bud get it real fund and Xianfeng Huaxing Angel round of ten million yuan level of investment; in June 2014 to complete the B round lead investor Sequoia Zhenge fund and Xianfeng Huaxing with investment; in December of the same year completed $60 million C round of financing h capital lead investor, Sequoia, real investment. September 2015 to complete the D round of financing Baidu lead 150 million, and for the first time out of the banking bill in the industry.


to import the maternal sale ways of maternal and child market honey bud mainly adopts the import mode. Honey bud proprietary Gmv occupies 85% of its overall Gmv, and the rest comes from the pop platform. Honey bud pop platform for the invitation, open only to the textile and clothing brands Home Furnishing department store category. Honey bud in Sanya Tianyu hotel established the store, and amcare reached a strategic cooperation and investment strategy of swimming hall and so on, in the long term, the strategy is not limited to the honey bud baby industry, but has become the main platform of China middle class family consumption.

specifically, honey bud hope cut into the consumption decision and life process Chinese middle-class families through the field of maternal and child middle-class women in the family to attract and stay on the platform, to provide more import category online rich class mall to them on this basis. That is to say, only the sale of honey bud cut cross-border electricity supplier by means of self classification is the future mall retail mode kernel; maternal and child category only at this stage for the incremental development of the stage of the strategic focus, the future is to become one of the truly important hub to middle-class consumption. From a logical point of view, the middle class family’s daily consumer decision-making is usually a mother / wife; maternal and child products category is a natural opportunity to upgrade the middle class household consumption (Chinese middle-class family spending on children)

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