Cross border maternal and child electricity supplier barbaric growth who moved the interests of chee

September 1st morning news, cross-border electricity supplier honey bud baby mother is facing the biggest crisis since the venture: selling fakes are frequently challenged, which almost touched founder Liu Nan (also a mom) the bottom line.

From the Taobao

shop to do all the way to complete the $20 million financing of imported electricity supplier mother, Liu Nan is the biggest killer reputation and trust, which is recognized by countless mom honey bud baby. The "real thing" is Liu Nan to the red line only myself, now she felt wronged and beyond dispute.

the storm also reflects the complexity of cross-border electricity supplier maternal industrial chain, on the one hand, trading volume of goods imported maternal growth, on the other hand, purchasing, sea Amoy business platform and brand the various interests of the shift, so that the industry is being barbaric growth.

purchasing and

shopping spree

according to customs data show that in 2013 Chinese cross-border electricity trade amounted to 70 billion yuan, and the monitoring data of the electricity supplier research institutions China Electronic Commerce Research Center shows that from 2008 to 2013, cross-border electricity supplier turnover CAGR of 31%.

skin care beauty, infant food, clothing, health care products, electronic products and other consumer goods category five is the most popular sea Amoy goods to buy. It is worth mentioning that, in the above data, milk powder, infant food and other complementary transactions accounted for nearly 25% of the overall transaction, the consumer goods become the most popular sea Amoy market.

now mostly young mothers 80, fully able to cope with the complex sea Amoy, hot market has also spawned a large number of overseas purchasing, studying in Japan Mr. Sun is one of the Taobao store, WeChat and acquaintances, Mr. Sun has accumulated a lot of users.

users through WeChat or Taobao orders, Mr. Sun to go to the store to buy, by sea or air to the hands of Chinese customers. Last year, sun purchasing diapers sold very well, every day can be sent about 20 packages, including purchase cost about 70 yuan, packing and postage is about 40 yuan, the sales price of 160 yuan, profits can reach more than 30%.

but this business is not so good to do, especially the purchase of diapers and milk powder in Japan, a person can only buy a limited number, let the sun is very difficult, the focus began to shift purchasing cosmeceutical products. Another squeeze the sun purchasing profit, through cross-border electricity, shopping spree organization of supply and cooperate with the local professional company cross-border shopping spree.

specific mode of operation, through the organization of large Chinese students, housewives and local Japanese, in the store shopping spree and then increase acquisitions. Or diapers example, local shopping spree cost the company 70 yuan, 110 yuan to close a shopping spree, and then focus on packing shipping to Chinese, more efficient than individual purchasing and reduce costs through economies of scale and price.

diapers journey

baby diapers as personal items, and milk.

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