2015 pairs of eleven food categories of my investment First through three doors

[Reuters] news billion state power in August 28th, Taobao released the 2015 11 day before the two food categories of investment rules. According billion state power network understanding, this year the category of food merchants to merchants and commodities consists of a three threshold, respectively, the meeting venue admission threshold screening threshold and Seaview screening threshold.

base threshold

first threshold

business: DSR scores in more than 4.6 stores, reached 1 above at the same time drilling products in the store of food accounted for more than 50% shops can have the membership.

: a commodity, food category, in addition to fresh, to meet national shipping (except for overseas Hong Kong and Macao, remote areas) conditions; two, double 11 day event price is 30 days take the lowest price; three, the amount of inventory in the above N; four, the last 30 days the number of transactions in goods more than 10.

second threshold

business: wine, snacks and other categories of pre packaged food (QS) three consistent sellers priority (business license, distribution license); meet the food sellers of Fiberhome V preferred selected.

goods: in accordance with the theme of the category can join, but should ensure that the richness of the products of the same category; at the same time, the same specifications of goods, price list.

third threshold

business: industry annual turnover of top business, the business day delivery capacity, delivery singular is greater than or equal to 1000; meet the food sellers of Fiberhome V preferred selected.

: the same product specifications similar to commodity goods, preferably cost-effective goods (mainly the price reference price, shipping, courier and other factors).

summary of the above investment requirements, wine, snacks and other categories of pre packaged food (QS) three consistent with food merchants and sellers of Fiberhome V qualifications of the business confidence in.

in addition, Taobao also provides tea and aquatic products, meat snacks and wine category of food quality, these products must have QS and valid documents or labels, imported products must provide the entry-exit quarantine certificate or formal customs clearance, quarantine, Chinese back label.

It is reported that this year Tmall

, double the eleven investment begins enrollment since August 18th, later gradually introduced the category of investment rules. Tmall side said that compared with previous years, this year, eleven pairs of new shopping coupons and personalized venue, pay more attention to the fragmentation of the mobile terminal and social. The day before the Taobao men’s double 11 investment rules have also been introduced.

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