Four months to sell Taobao earning 4000 promotion experience sharing

in the horse heroes "to create 1 million jobs for the China shouted cry, it also makes a lot of people in Taobao Amoy to treasure, even B2C Taobao mall has many B to the real profits, but also makes B and C intimate contact, never ha, everybody is not I think Taobao is starting up, hey, I just eat a meal of Taobao soft in the mouth, to help say the words. Now tell me about my life.. Is it scared, hey, not so far away. I am a recent graduate work, now has a new term called ant, yes, I am the owners, there is no MONEY degree, so I always want to work in, and something else, see people around a lot of Taobao, I naturally think of Taobao, the first the supply is stumped, but after three months of my struggle, finally out of poverty, store up to 2.5 drill, is really earned, here I tell you I do some Taobao experience.

1, looking for sources of goods, in the midst of their own products do not think of course, is to sell. I find the consignment has its own standards:

a, the market big

two, there is a certain profit

three, the price of mass consumption

four, have a certain brand influence,

in the first and the second point I naturally think of the tea, which now family did not drink tea, then in the Taobao mall around a few times, found a common problem, there are well-known high-end gifts, the market is limited, no visibility is out of seven or eight, can not afford to hook a some consumer desire, I think you can find a well-known Taobao is for public consumption and product development company, I despair, loss of the occasion, suddenly see the Ming Shan tea of the mall, I see a special Taobao for he mall on the product, the price is all. But the brand is full, the art shop is also good, for it is, really let me find, the next question is not necessarily do sell it, then the communication with the customer MM, plus the red hot sincere dialogue, the other side finally It’s through my application. Everyone is not a strong impulse to see Ming Shan tea shops, nice to meet you, the next to his shop, but the consignment agreement provisions, Kusi, supply for is found, the next is the promotion.

2, promotion: promotion is undoubtedly the two step

, increase the flow, is your store to have people.

two, conversion rate, to buy ah.

now talk about the first promotion methods, increase the flow, maybe everyone talked about this thought, sending post ah, ah, ah train, plus Q group and the like, right, 100 points. In fact, the most commonly used to promote the most commonly used is nothing more than these, why is commonly used, because there is a good effect, more advanced and SEO.

I mainly talk about adding Q groups and

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