Poor assessment led to the threat of death merchant Taobao merchants buyers buyers can alarm

Taobao customer service: after verification will warn business lawyers: business behavior constitutes infringement

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Ms. Dong said, because the merchant false delivery time lead to receiving a week delay, to comment on a business trip, even received a threatening message to delete the comment "business, or kill you". Yesterday, Taobao customer service, said the warning will be warned after the merchant, and suggested that buyers, such as harassment can be reported to the police. Lawyers also said that the behavior of the business has constituted infringement.

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September 21st, Ms. Dong bought two pieces of the total value of 50 yuan clothes in the Taobao store, "No. 22 taobao.com display business has been shipped, but only order No. but could not find the logistics information, I want to travel urgently, the time is tight, if not received, you want to return, can contact customer service no one. Until 26, I found them from the logistics website before delivery, the delivery time is false? My trip, unaware of the clothes for colleagues, I now even the packaging is not removed, with the customer to discuss the return they also ignore me, I gave a bad review, did not expect them immediately in the online swearing, then texting scare me."

from the message provided by Ms. Dong screenshot, the Beijing morning news reporter saw I am Taobao × × shops, delete comments, or kill you, as well as a number of abusive words. In this regard, Ms. Dong is very helpless, "Taobao Amoy to a fatal disaster, call back or empty, has complained to Taobao, still waiting for response."

will be threatened as long as the poor

reporter in accordance with the message provided by Ms. Dong dialed the past, always unable to connect. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the owner of the store owner, asked me to delete the bad reviews, you do not send text messages can be threatened?. When the reporter Liang Ming identity, the merchant then showed off state. Subsequently, the reporter saw the store review found that almost all of the travelers to the review of the assessment in the assessment, said the merchant received a text messaging threat". A buyer in additional comments said, "because of not wearing clothes, are discussed with the store, but did not respond, even now send me sms threat."

is a Taobao full-time seller told reporters: "credibility is a shop sign, now many shops are in the purchase notes clearly" bad review, refused to meet buyers’ given poor reviews, many businesses will choose a refund or compensation for the buyers to delete comments, extreme businesses through bad means to intimidate buyers."

merchant infringement buyers can alarm

reporter on the matter call Taobao customer service hotline, the staff said that after verification of the information will be a warning to businesses, and said, such as received a similar harassment, buyers can choose the alarm".

in this regard, Beijing Huijia Law Firm lawyer Qiu Baochang believes that the business text message bullying acts constituted infringement, "online merchants false delivery time is a breach of contract, the buyer can assist.

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