Electricity supplier executives leave industry talent and development

in November 2nd, Amazon announced that Wang Hanhua Chinese president is leaving the company at the end of the month, Amazon China President Wang Hanhua formal resignation, the news was released, as the preferred SF President Liu Miao left, again thinking about the industry, but also summed up so far this year 10 executives, executives leave is rife. Leave the top 10 business executives this year: Wang Zhiquan, Kuba CEO; the song star, serves network vice president; Yang Fang, vice president of the Yang Jiahong, Eric; Dangdang CFO; 5 B soil month, vice president of Jingdong, the mall strategy; Jiang Haidong, vice president of Jingdong, mall; Du, general manager of red child the mall; Mei Shan, vice president, Marceau Liu Miao; 9, SF preferred president; 11 Wang Hanhua, President of the Amazon region China.

business enterprise management personnel frequent turnover tide, in fact, the source is normal, the development of electronic commerce Chinese until now, especially this year the price war of the large business enterprise is severely burned many money, but did not receive the expected results of 50%, continue to burn in the consumer is behind the accumulation of business operations the poor, do not say much, said some time ago Amazon’s share price has dropped, the last two days of rising momentum, but it is also estimated a mirage, a decline in consumer credit for the electricity supplier, on the other hand is taking the fierce competition, we all know that a 28 law and the strong law, regardless of what the industry can hold up to two or three large enterprises, information website is Sina and Sohu, instant messaging is MSN and Tencent, NetEase, Sheng Dahe is the game Tencent, the search engine is Baidu and Sogou, video site is excellent soil, Sohu and Tencent, more than and 140 of the electricity supplier companies will also be the case, this is the 28 law.

electricity supplier talent bottleneck industry dug serious

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, "2012 China e-commerce talent status survey report" shows that: China’s current e-commerce business directly employs nearly 2 million 140 thousand people. With the warming of the e-commerce policy, the next 5 years, China’s more than 3 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises will have half companies try to develop e-commerce, e-commerce talent needs tightening is expected in 2012 Chinese e-commerce enterprises direct employees will reach 2 million 650 thousand people.

from 2000, the Ministry of education has approved 339 undergraduate colleges and universities and more than and 650 vocational colleges set up e-commerce professional, about more than 80 thousand graduates each year. That is to say, the annual training of e-commerce talents in Colleges and universities can only meet the needs of the industry for half a month.

and according to a recruitment website data show that in October this year, the Internet e-commerce industry in the top job positions have a clear intention to change jobs, workers need to find as soon as 12.43%, representing an increase of 34.81% in September. These senior positions in general refers to the director, VP, at least more than the level of the manager, the annual salary of more than 120 thousand yuan.

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