Liu Qiangdong fake electricity supplier development is the biggest bottleneck

Liu Qiangdong, founder and CEO of Jingdong group. 2004, Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong mall, officially involved in the field of e-commerce. Currently, Jingdong has grown into China’s electricity supplier giant, and in May 2014 listed in the United states. Because of its achievements in the field of e-commerce in China, Liu Qiangdong was awarded the 2011 China’s annual economic figures".

the protagonist of the rapid transfer of the Internet, the electricity supplier companies stand in the center of the stage. Jingdong Group founder Liu Qiangdong judgment, with the penetration of smart mobile phone and Internet consumers deeper, the future development of mobile providers will not be overlooked.

electricity supplier business model needs to upgrade

Beijing News: this year’s macroeconomic situation is not too good, what has been done on the electricity supplier industry decisions affect the position specific to the electricity supplier industry, the impact of this policy signal will be reflected in what areas?

Liu Qiangdong: in October 29th the State Council standing committee, Premier Li Keqiang said, "investment, consumption, exports, economic growth is the" three carriages ", which is the ultimate consumer demand, is an important driving force of steady growth, structural adjustment." He also said that the development of e-commerce online shopping boom set off, is one of the highlights of consumption growth, while online shopping for the express delivery and other downstream industries have a strong leading role, the relevant departments should consider how to promote the development of online shopping.

positioning of government decision-making on the electricity supplier industry will continue the industry’s dividend policy, and the process continues to bring huge demand in the town at the same time, also requires the electricity industry in the channel sink to the edge. Under the background of the economic transformation of the consumer upgrade to the electricity supplier has brought opportunities, while the electricity supplier itself also needs to be gradually upgraded in the business model, including service experience, such as improving the quality of goods and so on.

Beijing News: in recent years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier in our country, the market share expanded rapidly. So in the future, the protagonist of the Internet arena will be electricity supplier it?

Liu Qiangdong: the end of August when Nielsen announced a survey of digital China, has more than 600 million Internet users, the electronic commerce of the annual growth rate of 120%, which makes China become the world’s fastest-growing areas of e-commerce, and will become the world’s largest e-commerce market. With the development of intelligent mobile phone and Internet in Chinese consumers deeper development, mobile providers should not be overlooked.

Beijing News: in this context, what adjustments Jingdong made in the future will be how to deal with this challenge?

Liu Qiangdong: the previous ten years, Jingdong has developed the habit of online shopping users, and the second ten years, Jingdong will cultivate the habit of users from the PC to the mobile terminal.

consumers more emphasis on quality rather than price

Beijing News: Alibaba, Jingdong and other large electricity supplier companies listed, the domestic electricity supplier pattern has been set. What do you think is the opportunity for other electricity providers



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