An analysis of the skills of Taobao marketing promotion tools

heard many sellers shop promotion, mainly want to be a commodity promotion and Taobao station promotion, but the setting may not doing enough on the Taobao store marketing, I think as a Taobao seller, considering Taobao shop promotion this problem must be considered in two aspects: one is to improve the flow. Is to improve the conversion rate, the two complement each other, which do not good will lead to promotion effectiveness is reduced, the flow rate is so hard to do not translate to a lot of traffic will be wasted. That how to improve the conversion rate of the store? This involves many aspects, such as your shop decoration, product description, etc., after these articles I will rewrite. This paper mainly analyzes the role of Taobao marketing tools and the use of skills, thereby increasing the conversion rate of shops, some tools are often used to play a multiplier effect.


draw tool, this tool for attracting new customers and repeat the effect is good, pay attention to the use of these techniques, the effect will be better.

1, a small prize to improve the winning rate, small prize, these small prize will use some low cost but also practical and low grade but not significant goods, he will want to choose practical goods customers to draw, and the purchase of other goods in your shop, and low cost but there is a certain level the goods, the goods as draw his pricing can be a little higher, so as to reduce your costs, but also can improve the degree of joy after winning buyers.

2, Grand Prix is large enough (key factors), and the product should be attractive, you can set for you is one of the shops selling goods, customers are rushing to draw this award, award winning products not attractive but also no one can smoke.

3, full display. Advertising in a prominent position, the home page of the store, or the description of the product are put on, so that each buyer into the store to know there are sweepstakes. Some sellers engaged in the lottery, did not let the buyer know that it is white do.


member relationship management: making members two, 1 are in accordance with the buyer transactions, a buyer is in accordance with the number of transactions, we need to draw a rule of how much is the senior member, then how much is a member of VIP. Membership card is a very effective way to enhance the rate of return, for example I have a membership card in the shop, just what I was going to buy his shop, I must go to his shop to see, count the discount is more appropriate, with no friends can go to the Ali Wangwang version of the shop under the. The main role of membership management is

1, increase customer stickiness, the buyer has your membership card, the next time you consume your store is certainly his first choice, you can discount it, very useful to pull off the first client tools.

2, a certain sense of honor, buyers get your store membership card, not only to get the amount of consumer benefits, but also the appropriate

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