Taobao live five new brand names broadcast function

news July 13th, according billion state power network understanding, before the change of Taobao live second gudme introduced the upcoming new on-line version of the new Taobao live.

version of Taobao live will launch five major functions: the title of the studio, new window, envelopes and coupons, businesses into custom gift reward, video link. According to the introduction of the ancient silent, Taobao live to make a universal Taobao live.

in the latest version of Taobao live, businesses can choose and brand fit on the host, the studio for the title, let into the studio all users the first time to understand the business brand. And users can directly enter the store from the living room into the shop, while the live screen will be reduced to the top of the screen, will not interrupt.

said that in the choice of anchor, businesses can refer to the popularity of the anchor, and other multi-dimensional information gathered by the group. Gudme also said that a business has become the new version of the on-line broadcast after Taobao received a title of the business, will detonate the sales.

according to the current Taobao billion state power network to understand, live with commercial links in the bottom left corner of the page, users add anchor live recommended products, users can watch live and buy. In the commodity options on the basis of the new version will be added between the three windows in the living room to add the main push products. Gudme, the user entered the studio, a window display products will pop up, the user can click Cancel, but when the user clicks on the goods, the window will appear again, greatly increased the product exposure.


according to the regulations, not only the pure live live identity before they can sell a window, a window early day of the show by the anchor price formulation, the latter according to market changes, take the bidding for high quality anchor.

In addition to the title

studio, new windows two big functions, Taobao will also broadcast implanted envelopes and coupons function. Anchor in the course of the broadcast can be issued by the business of red envelopes and coupons, in order to enliven the atmosphere, enhance the efficiency of the purchase.

In addition to

, Taobao broadcast live reward function has also been upgraded. Before, Taobao broadcast providing gifts mostly platform, businesses can customize their own website to recommend new products or product as a gift, and then generate exclusive animation display in the studio, increase product exposure.

For example,

gudme, Shufujia customized a number of images of the products of virtual gifts, and the combination of these gifts and coupons or envelopes, through large data precision, to the user, the user can also go to the shops to use shufujia.

in order to enhance the interaction between the anchor and the user, Taobao live also added a video connection feature, users can get the anchor targeted guidance, access to services similar to the exclusive consultant.

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