8 million annual salary can not afford to leave Wanda electricity supplier CEO Li third leave

hunting cloud network learned today, Wanda fifast CEO Lee Jinling formally resigned in February this year, and this is the fifast turnover since its inception in 2012 third CEO.


data show that Li Jinling has Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Pepsi and other companies. 2007 joined elong, then North China Senior Sales Director, after he was promoted to vice president of sales, vice president in charge of sales channels, the The Globe Hotel business work. 2013 mango network, as the company CEO. China Travel Service Group announced CITS, mango net after the two companies merged, Li Jinling also serves as vice president of the CITS, fully in charge of online business.

in February 2016, when Wang Jianlin out of 8 million annual salary, when Wanda entered the served as a fan of CEO, who had been flying after the rotation of both the and the policy of any of the two CEO.

at first, fifast was born with a golden key, Tencent, Baidu, Wanda three giants jointly announced that the company invested 5 billion yuan to set up, although the ups and downs (July 2016, news, Tencent and Baidu have been flying from Wanda electricity supplier exit network operating companies in all), but the company crown "Wanda electricity supplier name, can cause the industry and the media attention.

it is reported that in 2015 2-3 months, Wanda electricity supplier began to transform the internal, into the 2 era. In this stage of transformation, Wanda electricity supplier was officially named flying". March 28, 2015, Wanda electricity supplier platform flying everywhere network on-line trial operation.

According to the data released by

Wang Jianlin, 2016, fifast reached 150 million active users, who fly through 82 million 840 thousand new members, signed the cooperation between large commercial center 1799, small and medium-sized businesses 10, and 3600 studios, 410 hospitals, 2200 high-end hotels etc..

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