Famous statistical station with super domain name transfer

      the number "163" is a homonym of "Chinese way up". Traffic for most of the webmaster and Internet operators, representing the first productivity, we named "the way up" the meaning is based on all the webmaster wishes, expectations of all 163.vc free website traffic statistics are soaring.

      VC was originally the domain name suffix area which is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean, in about 160 km west of barbados. In the Internet, VC is the most widely accepted in the past two years, a foreign word. Its English is Venture Capital, translated into Chinese "venture capital" or "venture capital"". We choose the domain name suffix, meaning: the use of 163.VC statistical service owners, on the one hand, traffic soared, on the other hand, you can get VC – venture capital concern.

      "one liter 163.VC" free use of the most advanced statistical Statistics Station Station in technology and the most reasonable interface, and through the exchange and IDC service providers extensive resources, since 07 years since the opening in March, won the majority of user acceptance, by the end of May, only 2 months time has station users more than 7000 people, daily traffic of more than 3 million IP.

      "all the way up 163.VC" is trying to become the most professional, objective, fast and accurate free website traffic experts.

      "all the way up 163.VC" need to get more friends to support and help, but also wish all the Webmaster: flow is much, harvest more.


              above the station is introduced, since the end of March this year, rising from the road reopened, won the sponsorship of IDC Server three, now has more than 5000 registered users. Due to the company’s business focus shift, no energy maintenance, special transfer.

                transfer price: 60 thousand yuan, including the sponsorship of three servers (long-term sponsor to give in return, if you do not use the server can cancel the domain name (AD), the expiration time of May 2, 2009), and all of the data.

          the transaction is mediated and secured by the figure Wang, contact QQ:544925063.

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