Li Guoqing Dangdang plans to open the advertising system involved in electricity supplier navigation

August 19th, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing attended the annual meeting will be sent to attend, said Dangdang will add site navigation function on the home page, free service to other electricity providers.

Li Guoqing said that the current popular shopping mall, Dangdang to 35 years in the shopping center "something", but without talent. He also said that currently "open" strategy has three points, first, the original independent business unit, direct competition, completely according to the transaction volume segmentation, the open advertising support chain. Third, is preparing for the entry of the home page to join a Chinese online shopping site navigation.

Li Guoqing said, "the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong mall is not sensible, with Gome and Suning, Gome and Suning to advance three years into the electronic commerce industry, the other small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce by extrusion".

Li Guoqing said that there is no retail trade in any industry accounted for 20% of the segment, including Gome Suning, the market sales of about one trillion of the total number of about 10 million. The development of electronic commerce, resulting in online media costs rose ferocious, good 123 ad prices have doubled, the portal also rose".

Li Guoqing predicted that the future of the retail industry will be a number of trends, one of the unique vertical category will grow up, the annual sales volume to 500 million after the bottleneck. Second, there will be a number of cities across the market or cross city convenience store, ten years ago, when everyone is a joke of an hour, and now also appeared". Third, there is a huge space for development before the shop, as long as the efforts can do one hundred million. Fourth, luxury and luxury purchasing is the trend of development, but the field of enterprise market prospects have better brand reputation. Fifth, the development of group buying. Sixth, the development of online retail, although the survival of the enterprise squeeze, but does not mean there is no chance. (end)

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