WeChat to build a new platform for electronic business platform shopping more concise


Tencent has been going through WeChat, to achieve in the electric business of the second round of leap forward, WeChat has also demonstrated the potential new business platform. WeChat has a lot of public accounts to achieve online shopping, pay directly on the phone to complete the shopping. For users, as long as the attention of these public accounts. According to WeChat related products responsible person said, WeChat PC is much higher than the gorgeous grab, Taobao or other users to browse the website on the PC side, can operate several things at the same time, WeChat push message, once the user opens will read, will create greater benefits, of course content should also be considerable to attract users.

Tencent electricity supplier CEO Wu Xiaoguang said WeChat plans to serve as a kind of after-sales service, so that the user directly to the merchant, put forward their own needs for the product, so businesses to provide products to meet the conditions. WeChat is also the voice, real-time intercom, even if the user can’t type, can also communicate through WeChat.

but using WeChat to do business, or to do service work, if the business quality, the return can not be resolved, all of these will bring losses to the user, the user will cancel the account of public concern; there is a user does not believe WeChat will be more and more, which have a negative impact on the Tencent, but the Tencent now influence, this situation should not occur.

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