Taobao fake copycat manufacturers where to go


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January 30th, Ali and SAIC dispute, and ultimately to the withdrawal of SAIC’s white paper the end of the curtain fell. Ali’s struggle to break the traditional relationship between government and enterprises, creating a new model of dialogue between government and enterprises. In order to achieve such a result, Ali’s market value evaporated in just two days, $30 billion, the price is not heavy. However, the aftermath is far from over. You can imagine, in the near future, Ali and the State Administration for Industry and commerce collaboration, joint anti-counterfeiting operations will be in full swing. Aside purely production of inferior goods underground black factory aside, many manufacturers have Chinese copycat legal operation qualification, quality of many of the goods they produce is not bad, but with SAIC and Ali jointly rectify Taobao, to combat fake activities, these cottage manufacturers to survive will face enormous challenges.

for a long time, there is always a copycat manufacturer we carefully conceal mentioning the topic. Many Chinese consumers have purchased the cottage products, from selling only 9.9 of the official protective cover to the train station in the streets of $ten a magic sound headphones, and even dual card dual standby apple phone". Many times it is difficult to say to their purchase of goods is not a genuine knowledge. As Ma Yun said, it would be impossible to buy a Rolex watch for twenty-five dollars. On weekdays, we tacitly silently enjoying these cheap products bring us convenience and vanity, but Taobao after the crackdown began, we have to face such a problem: copycat manufacturers where


because there is no clear definition of copycat manufacturers, many manufacturers in addition to the production of copycat copycat products, also operates many completely legitimate project — it is hard for us to understand the true scale of copycat industry, but our life experience, the number of copycat manufacturers is not a small figure. For example, only a year in 2012, Alibaba group on the handling of infringing goods information 94 million. Even by the most conservative estimates, hiding behind the 94 million infringing goods information but also millions of copycat manufacturers, the number of employees will be an astronomical figure, and this is just a year Alibaba processed results. The size of copycat manufacturers is much more than you can imagine, and the data from the organization for economic co operation and development shows that the value of global fakes is more than $250 billion a year.

shut down the plant, confiscation of equipment, fines, these measures can indeed play a role in the fight against the cottage, but it is impossible to fundamentally eliminate cottage products. Most of the time, we are simply copycat products produced due to the producer’s greed and cunning, as long as the spread of severe blow through illegal business activities will push the cost of high enough to curb copycat products. But in fact, the origin of cottage products is far more complex than we imagined. The copying and copying of the best products is hard to avoid in modern economic life

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