O2O tap the derivative value of social media circle

sponsored by the entrepreneur "2012 entrepreneur entrepreneur conference and the 100 annual awards ceremony in Beijing on December 1-2 at the Millennium Minneapolis Beijing wine was held, the meeting with" dream illuminate reality "as the theme. The development of media group strategy and business are vice president Zhang Yangzheng, a new venture capital general manager Fei Jianjiang, tianxiaxiu CEO Li Meng, IDG Capital Partners Li Feng, founder of CEO, Asahi Feibo koremitsu website founder and CEO Zhao Ye attended the meeting and participate in the society, the advent of the O2O era "special discussion.


socialization, the advent of the era of O2O special discussion site image source: venture capital

for the following record:

publicity is positive: Good afternoon, this discussion about socialization with O2O, in the beginning I want you to do a simple self introduction, we appear in this special.

my name is Zhang Yangzheng, I am responsible for the group’s strategy with foreign investment in the fashion media, O2O this topic has been my concern, because you see the domestic business, most of the more popular now, we are in the field of fashion, but you hardly ever see a real go O2O this mode in the field of fashion, most of the local life service, in fact, I feel a great pity, of course, the biggest advantage of O2O is the local service, another part is if your line service is also very strong, very O2O, in fact, I was particularly concerned with fashion life with O2O, so there is a business who has this idea can contact with me, because I am more interested in O2O. The guests 1 minutes to introduce myself.

Fei Jianjiang: I was vice president of Yuan Wo Holdings, you may look unfamiliar, I was mainly responsible for our early investment in this business, I think why I come here, because we also made some enterprises in the mobile Internet, I think these enterprises also have the O2O mode on the inside, so I sit here.

Li Feng: my name is Li Feng. I come from IDG capital. I don’t know much about it.

Li Meng: Hello, I’m tianxiaxiu Li meng.

Xu Xu: Thank you, I also show 1 minutes in the morning for 30 seconds, and then show it again, I am the founder of flying bo.

Zhao Ye: Hello, I was dragging the founder, dragging the net is to be able to combine the media and shopping guide website, we hope to be able to create more effective content for consumers to discuss and share, Why drag nets, a lot of people ask, because I feel I feel that some users is a when shopping very drag group. The second I think we have a combination of such a model to achieve the ultimate, thank you.

: I want to put our

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