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2008-10-19 23:44

as a webmaster, always want to bring value to the user, so that users have a better experience, more fun, this way, in order to attract users, retain users.

owners also want to get some economic benefits, there are more profitable, this way, to help the site further development. grass grass, well aware of the needs of webmaster friends, we hope to work together with the webmaster, to attract customers and have certain economic benefits, to achieve a win-win situation!

"one click to send 88 yuan" is the first project in cooperation with the webmaster, can really help the site to enhance the flow and flow into money.


webmaster why participate in "one click send 88"

+ webmaster can use "one click to send 88 yuan" project, to attract users to access or registration. My51 according to the requirements of the webmaster, unconditionally through the system to provide users with 88 yuan discount coupons. Users in the consumption, these discount coupons can be folded into cash to use, the user has benefits, of course, would like to visit or register.

+ for users to receive coupons, and its consumption in three years, the webmaster can get an order amount of 10% of the commission. The amount of site visits, the greater the amount of registration, the more people get coupons, then the owners can get the Commission is also more. This is the real flow into money.

webmaster how to participate in the "one click send 88" project

+ first need to register a user name in

+ user name and URL to inform, there are two ways, one is online customer service, one is to write to [email protected]

+ service staff will configure related services, the process will be completed within a few minutes. The webmaster will be related to the code embedded in their website.

instance website

webmaster query tool

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