Double eleven Tim Tim thing Women’s mobile phone login Taobao brush stolen more than 500 yuan


Times News (reporter Wang Lixia) yesterday, Ms Alipay stolen 500 yuan a thing has not yet been resolved. Ms. Su said, in his mobile phone to log on after browsing, their bank cards have detained more than 500 yuan. Alipay official responded that Ms open phishing sites, and disclose their information, resulting in the stolen brush, said there will be the insurance company payment.

MS, November 7th zero about 20 points, she was using a mobile phone to browse on, about 5 minutes after the closure of the site, just exit received my bank card information detained more than 500 yuan." Ms Su said that he only visited the Taobao home page, did not point to open other sites, did not buy anything. After the incident, Ms. Su immediately contact the bank and Alipay customer service, that through phishing sites, "" completed a virtual transaction.


by providing transaction data show that the two Trading Co. The first pen was paid directly, the purchase order number is 20131107003089568, the transaction amount is $500.49. The second bill, the transaction amount and other transactions are the same, but the buyer must confirm that Ms realized the problem immediately after contact Alipay customer service solution, second unpaid transaction success.


brand and the public communication department responsible person Ms. Zhou confirmed this, said by telephone and Ms. sun described Alipay data analysis, the bill for virtual trading. She explained that the MS Taobao seller, before the incident may have crooks disguised as buyers, and lied to contact her "baby" has a problem, can not pay the "baby" link please seller view, and this link is actually a phishing link. After the seller click on the phishing site, enter their account, password, and may even have personal identity information and other related information, the disclosure of these critical information leads to user account theft.

, the amount of the user’s stolen brush, there will be a corresponding insurance company payment." Ms. Zhou said that after the user feedback, the latest in three working days will be someone to contact the user. Yesterday, the staff have contacted ms..

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