Beautiful said the platform businesses over 1 billion hit the big sellers

news July 8th, has been in transition to do its own platform shopping guide website said the beautiful day prior to our disclosure of its transformation results. According to the official said the beautiful, as of June 2014, there have been more than 10000 fashion businesses stationed in the beautiful said platform, there are more than 500 thousand goods a day through the beautiful platform to complete the transaction. In addition, the beautiful side announced that it will soon launch the beautiful 100 program, focusing on supporting the daily sales of over 100 women’s high quality fashion business.

According to reports, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the beautiful 100 program, beautiful said to spend 1 billion yuan to set up a special business support fund for all businesses in the platform to provide appropriate support

. Beautiful said it will announce the details of the plan at the national business meeting on July -8.

in the transformation of vertical electricity supplier, said the beautiful moves frequently, in the first month, the day that the merger of beautiful product network and cookery shook, key input to the mobile terminal. Data show that the beauty of mobile client installed capacity of more than 75 million, from the end of the order of the transaction volume has more than 65%. March 2014, the beautiful announced that the signing of the popular idol man day group EXO-M as its brand spokesperson.

beautiful said it was founded in 2009, initially a shopping guide platform. In November 2013, said the beginning of a beautiful transition to a vertical business platform to focus on women’s fashion, recruiting and training a large number of women’s clothing, shoes and handbags, accessories and beauty and other categories of high-quality businesses.

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