Ali, SF, Le stack force intelligent distribution cabinet seize another entrance


to solve the last mile logistics, O2O, the company is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong".

Ali Department of the company is the first action. In 2013, Ali $1 billion 857 million investment Haier goodaymart logistics, in December 2014 will be announced in the laying of not less than 30 thousand of the intelligent outlets from mentioning cabinet; in May this year, the Alibaba announced joint Yunfeng fund investment strategy tact. This year is June 1st, Ali investment (China) announced that Haier financial leasing industry and the largest smart cabinet enterprises expand the depth of cooperation Santai electronics strategic cooperation in the intelligent community terminal logistics and community service platform – easy to express intelligent cabinet field.

June 7th United SF Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme and ProLogis group jointly announced the creation of a named Feng nest technology company, said to do for all courier companies, electricity supplier logistics use 24 hours self-service open platform – "Feng nest" smart courier cabinet, dedicated to provide interactive services platform express acceptance. Feng nest total investment 500 million yuan, accounting for 35% of the shares of the SF, Shen Tong, Tong rhyme each accounted for 20%, accounted for 5% of papadopoulos.

at the same time, GREE music stack to spoiler, also launched a mobile based networking technology support "ready meals" distribution of intelligent equipments intelligent distribution cabinet, to the third party line courier companies, restaurants, supermarkets, fresh food, takeaway business platform, O2O platform and various community service providers open provide delivery service, intelligent localization.

in addition, there are some small players going to self built intelligent cabinet, such as washing, easy delivery intelligent cat.

so the problem has come, the major giants have layout intelligent cabinets, hidden behind what?

Ali, SF, Le stack each focus on different

mentioned intelligent cabinet, will have to mention Santai electronics. Santai electronics is the earliest intelligent cabinet field, it is early in the second half of 2012 began to the market to promote the courier easy intelligent cabinet. In 2014 earnings report, Santai say they has become the world’s largest express collection and temporary storage of self service platform; at the same time, despite the prospect of profit model is unknown, but in the courier easy also propped up the three Thai electronics billion market capitalization.

cited a section of the Internet to introduce intelligent cabinet:

smart cabinet general in the community, office buildings and other settings intelligent courier cabinet, by registered courier opened into the delivery system, express a single bar code scanning, select the appropriate size of the box, enter the customer’s mobile phone number, then there will be a box automatically bounce, fast delivery man after the goods into, close the box to the customer, the system will automatically send mobile phone 6 bit code. Consumers with extraction code free pick up the shipment, but beyond a certain time after the need to pay. And generally are equipped with surveillance cameras, to ensure the safety of the temporary express.


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