Cross-border encounter Mobile BellaBuy how another way

[Abstract] in "mobile + cross-border" outlet, from Silicon Valley Wish game player in the past year is pocketed the eye, it also reflects the rapid growth of businesses and consumers for mobile platform for cross-border electricity supplier to a certain extent. And when a new opportunity for the industry, the player will not only one, BellaBuy is born in this window of another emerging forces. The difference is that BellaBuy wants to do something more vertical.

mobile cross-border electricity providers into the vertical field

BellaBuy positioning for their own young women in Europe and the United States is the mobile cross-border electronic business platform. Its on-line at the end of 2014, after several months of testing, and now officially began to force into a comprehensive promotion stage.

BellaBuy founder CEO William (Chinese Luo Weiwei) to billion state power network said, showing three trends of cross-border electronic business platform innovation: Mobile, social and vertical. The user in the mobile terminal characteristics are as follows: 1, the scene and the consumer shopping habits change, recommend the king; 2, fragments of time browsing, user groups, light decision-making; 3 vertical, vertical platform easier to win customers.

from the cross-border electricity supplier industry, the existing B2C platform, mainly from abroad, Amazon, eBay, Wish, the main domestic market is selling fast. They are almost all types of development, and in addition to Wish, are PC Internet integrated platform." William pointed out that in the new business environment, the mobile vertical platform will be more efficient to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. That’s where BellaBuy is."

he told billion state power network, BellaBuy in time to build their own platform, the first thing to do is to mobile products. Mobile terminal products to show the form and the PC side is essentially different, the user is no longer searching their own products, recommended to become the main channel. At the same time, the scene of the emotional decision-making has become the main characteristics of the user, community and social elements to bring user stickiness. Therefore, BellaBuy personalized intelligent recommendation to the user to show the product, and rely on social media as the main channel of promotion.


is also an important way to promote the localization of BellaBuy. It is reported that, BellaBuy has established an overseas team composed of local talent, responsible for user research, product design and localization operations. This can not only more local conditions to promote the user side, but also in turn from the perspective of user needs to guide the platform business.

semi open platform "fine" and "quasi"

in addition to product mobility and promotion of localization, BellaBuy another direction is the quality of business. William told billion state power network, even though a lot of people.

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