Electricity supplier in the spring to promote the start of her economy play a leading role

although preheating the Spring Festival holiday has not yet dispersed, but the electricity supplier in the industry view, when the time to enter after March, the market has a variety of promotions can not tolerate the slightest neglect. Whether it is the online shopping Match 8 Women’s Day peak or spring variety of travel and business opportunities, have become the electricity supplier who look at fiercely as a tiger does promotional opportunities. During the Spring Festival, a rare rest of the courier comrades seem busy again.

women’s Day promotion collective force

with the arrival of the year of the sheep, I believe a lot of beauty of women are beginning to develop a new year for their own beautiful plan, for women consumers, her economy once again become the protagonist.

, according to shop No. 1, said that from now until March 8th, to spoil their favorite TA you are female number 1 as the theme of love women’s festival officially kicked off the promotion. The activities include 62% off special offer carnival, 1 yuan to buy the "pet package" and draw value. It is understood that the 1 shop also launched in accordance with the category of the top 6, the merchandise discount discount unprecedented. As for the Jingdong, for female users to launch the "Jingdong butterfly Festival" activities, including Dior, Chanel and other international big audience beauty products as low as half off, it is worth noting that the Jingdong will also ious courtesy of consumers, the use of IOUs to buy "nursing makeup" category of goods, not only after the first consumption payment, and single orders over 99 yuan, you can get 10 yuan mobile terminal category Beijing coupons. According to the nature of female beauty, excellent shopping mall fashion has also launched a new year clothing footwear big promotion, many of them new is 1 fold, with a ferocious".

overseas purchase efforts to upgrade the


as the most popular online shopping market in recent years, sea Amoy has become the first choice for many online shopping community, but the lack of supervision of the market also allows many users to flinch. With the continuous improvement of national policy and many commercial "regular army", "sea of outsourcing" is becoming more and more important in the online shopping market part. In the year approaching, many of the "regular army" began to force together, to further expand overseas purchase market space.

accompanied Prince William’s visit to China’s footsteps, from the British overseas purchase channels in Chinese also got further expansion. The day before the Royal Mail announced in Tmall international investment Alibaba, Chinese business boom, bring more high quality, authentic, and high-quality products for consumers Chinese britain. It is reported that the Royal Mail in the Tmall store will provide the international well-known brand direct mail service for China 302 million consumer network. In addition, serves network also got a British delegation visit outstanding enterprises to communicate and opportunities. According to reports, serves network has been in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and other countries and regions in Europe and the major strategic deployment of supply chain, and one after another and more than 100 British suppliers docking. Ji Wenhong Xiu CEO said, will be dedicated to those in Hongkong, equivalent to the price of Europe and the United States, international brands of goods to the consumer China >

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