How to increase user stickiness three recommendations to buy site


in the "hundred regiments into all kinds of services" incandescent full debut mentioned, with the emergence of a large number of this kind of group purchase website, then in the second half of 2010, will be the most competitive group purchase website is also the survival and development of the key period, ending either alive finally can live well or is to be eliminated by the Internet ruthless abandon, and now has been a part of group purchase website started "after", but on the battlefield without smoke.

I think, for the group purchase website, its biggest weakness is the lack of user stickiness. As a user, you can choose consumption in any group purchase website, you can in the United States on the consumption of a steak today, you can also buy a yoga 6 hours learning card in the group online tomorrow, the day after tomorrow perhaps went to the QQ group purchase on ice cream, lack of fixed users may be part of group purchase website the final failure of the fuse. Here, the author of the site to buy three recommendations to increase user stickiness. Well then please clap, don’t speak well please Paizhuan, I willing to accept the correct and meaningful criticism.

online community forum

on the Internet forum is a good stuff, although some people do not love, but this does not hinder the development of the forum in China, despite the strict special record, but a large number of forum.

for the network group purchase, the forum is a good stuff to stick to the user, set in the forum section can be around some local basic necessities of life, because love shopping group purchase website users attention to this aspect is also very much, they are seeking love where there is a discount, discount, free stuff, and never tired. Buy network to provide a free platform for the release of discounted information, not only to attract businesses, but also to attract consumers, and attract businesses from which there are 30% customers can become a network buy.

Who is the

network group purchase customers? Profits come from? Consumers? Not, consumers should be none of the object, should profit from merchants to. As a group buying network to attract businesses to sell the selling point is that you have a lot of potential customers online, and where consumers in your community forum.

so do a good job community forum is the first step in the healthy development of group buying network.

online to establish comments center

people like to comment, just as with all kinds of documents to prove something like a person. For comments on the network, it should not be unfamiliar, the most familiar than the public comment network, as well as car reviews, hotel reviews, IDC reviews, etc.. The comment center network group purchase can let consumers, make a comment on every consumer, can be regarded as such a group purchase process, as required after shopping in the Taobao website on mutual assessment, peer assessment after the completion of the transaction, but there is no business to consumer reviews. At the same time here comments also >

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