Taobao shop decoration earn 100 thousand a year

does not need to knock on the wall breaking, nor wood paint, just a few mouse clicks, you can store decoration profit? Yes! This is now on the Internet more and more popular in the occupation: shop decoration division. Gu Chunpeng from Shanghai shop decoration three years, working for up to 14 hours a day. Today, his business bigger and bigger, a year down the maximum income of more than 100 thousand yuan.

decoration shop just a computer

yesterday, reporter Gu Chunpeng through the network connection, at the age of 26, he worked in the art website design, a company in January, the income of 2000 yuan.

2006, love the Internet Gu Chunpeng accidentally discovered the shop decoration of this work is to provide decoration for their network of shops, as long as the web page will simply be! This I will! "Soon, Gu Chunpeng began to start a part-time shop decoration. In July and August, Gu Chunpeng decided to quit the job, do the shop decoration. A person, a computer can access the Internet, Gu Chunpeng started his dream at home.

turned workaholic 14 hours a day online

"looks like a freelancer, but it’s really hard to do, and you have to work 14 hours a day." Gu Chunpeng said that he almost all the time to work on the Internet, and even dating a girlfriend, have become an online exchange.

in 2008, Gu Chunpeng rented out the office, set up his own studio, hired 3 assistants, as well as 5 part-time designers. Currently, Gu Chunpeng has renovated nearly more than 3 thousand online shop. He said he earned about one hundred thousand a year, and sometimes do well even a month can be guaranteed to tens of thousands of 10.

professional hot 3 years opened thousands of

although his studio to take shape, but the fierce competition also let Gu Chunpeng feel a lot of pressure. 3 years ago, Taobao to do on the network together to add up to the decoration of the 10, and now there are at least thousands of doing." Some buyers have just entered the line, they will not be designed to steal someone else’s stuff sold at low prices, this can not be avoided, so that we lost a lot of customers."

is facing more and more competition, Gu Chunpeng said he is willing to go to meet the challenge, his plan is, I hope my own studio can do in January $50 thousand, would be a "lame boss". "Leisure time, a cup of tea, look at your love books, Why not?


diversified business prospects for the development of

now Gu Chunpeng think everyday is how to make their own size and exaggerated, increase the diversity of our own business, along with the increasing of Taobao shop, the manager of the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how to let their customers to shop out of the ordinary, impressive, Gu Chun Peng believes in the store join reality sound advertising, to recommend this product is a very good way, less investment, obvious effect, so he recently made sound net > and charm

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