Taobao double 11 add the characteristics of the new venue of the seller of the horse race victory or

October 12th news, the 11 big promotion in addition to the main venue, Taobao layout of the venue of the 31, which includes the new line of the characteristics of the venue of the 12.

this year, Taobao has increased in 2015 the most popular features of the popular consumer market selection of content, put them into the characteristics of the venue, providing a variety of services and specialty goods.

in the 12 characteristics of the venue, "China made quality" and "characteristics China", "agricultural", "home", "small fast recovery" and "tidal power street", "wholesale discount", "auction" the businesses need to self register; "guess you love", "the front is love" and "gold coin", "raise" 4 venue without registration.


at the same time, businesses need to register for the 19 independent sectors of the venue, they were women, men’s shoes, men’s shoes, beauty care, outdoor sports, bags, underwear accessories, jewelry, pet toys, baby products, children’s mobile phone, digital home appliances, home improvement, Home Furnishing, 100, delicacy, goods auto parts, the global purchase, game.


billion state power network has learned, Taobao double eleven venue, is an independent venue composed by industry, category and vertical market segments, bearing category, market segmentation and selection of industry content areas of business activity provided discounted merchandise, commodity price and inventory goods depth, popularity and so on have higher requirements, the seller must also set up shop red, full cut, shop decoration shop to undertake page play.

in the double 11 warm-up period (November 1st to November 10th), the venue will be "business day" as the unit of "horse race", according to the day before the store into the shopping cart and store issued amount, the amount of red decides the venue to show.

on the 11 day of the two activities (November 11th), the business will be hours as the unit horse race, according to the store before the high turnover of one hour to determine the venue display.

at the same time, through the "horse racing" rules, the branch in the field to win the business can be shortlisted for the main venue.

at present, the venue of the audition registration time is over (September 30th), the official registration venue for October 8th to October 23rd, and before October 31st, Taobao will announce the results of registration.

merchants can only apply for a branch of the venue, if at the same time more than one, Taobao will be approved by the Audit Commission site registration information prevail.

in addition, has entered the venue of the activity of "commodity", cannot duplicate registration field has entered the field activities; activity of the goods, if the registration venue and is approved, will be automatically upgraded to the "commercial activities", an instant registration information timeliness, price, registration information are given priority in the reporting site "goods" shall prevail.

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