The Ministry of commerce enterprise under the line of business support

JINGWAH times (reporter Ping Yifan) yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce issued the opinions on promoting the application of e-commerce, the next two years, China’s overall goal of e-commerce and development direction. "Opinions" pointed out that in 2015 to become a social business flow of goods and services are an important way, turnover more than 18 trillion yuan, the retail network is equivalent to the amount of total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 10%, above scale enterprise e-commerce applications accounted for more than 80%.

put forward the "opinions", the Ministry of Commerce will support line department stores, chain enterprises, professional market and other resources under the traditional distribution companies to develop e-commerce, online and offline resources complementary and collaborative applications. At the same time will also encourage the electricity supplier through the means to carry out the recycling of renewable resources, circulation, and vintage auction e-commerce application of border trade and other fields.

Ministry of Commerce to encourage the construction of modern agricultural products circulation system, to guide social capital and electricity supplier companies to increase investment in the agricultural electricity supplier. In addition, the Ministry of commerce also focus on encouraging small and medium enterprises electricity supplier.


e-commerce observer, Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang: "business is highly market-oriented industry, policy influence co.. The Ministry of Commerce has made it clear that it will arrange special funds to promote the development of e-commerce, the future of local government investment will be greater, which will bring positive electricity supplier business."

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