Baidu Electric will never abandon the Philharmonic live transformation fashion B2C

from Baidu has ah to the Philharmonic live, initially located in life service platform business has gone through at least three times the adjustment direction of transformation, recently again, but before clutching a hot industry, the Philharmonic live will focus on fashion B2C, to avoid clashes with the giant’s face, after all, compared with 3C digital business other areas of the Red Sea, fashion B2C can be regarded as a blue ocean.


failed to end two years of transformation

is known as the 58 city also magical site Philharmonic live is beginning to transition, this is the third time adjustment of its March 2012 on the line, also comes the electricity supplier giant fierce battle when, therefore, the transformation of the Philharmonic live much more low-key than before.

Beijing Daily reporter login Philharmonic live website found that the site is divided into five sections woman, man, fun, style, brand, designers, users can search by brand or designer, according to incomplete statistics, the Philharmonic live now has a total of 22 brands, 6 designers. "From the design point of view, this is the biggest efforts since the Philharmonic live on-line revision, page layout and even LOGO are changed.

while a year ago, had determined the Philharmonic live go in "road life good guide", then just give up the life service platform O2O mode. Baidu has split out from the close ah Philharmonic live today, this is the Baidu CEO Robin Li hopes the Philharmonic live, the direction of development in a short period of time from the local life service to guide to fashion B2C to three turn.

has made primary afflictions of premature


is also because the location repeatedly aborted, the Philharmonic live gradually fade out the line of sight of industry, the industry also came during the Philharmonic live layoffs, news of the collapse of a time, the industry generally prospects for its development. In this regard, CEO Cai said tiger Philharmonic live at the strategic level in the past, the Philharmonic live positioning slightly out of focus, in 2012 the internal summary of the meeting, he even admitted guilty of "primary afflictions".

"now we hope that through the community + e-commerce way into the O2O, from the model point of view is innovative, but relatively speaking is not what a successful reference" Cai tiger told the media respect, "the idea is good, but also the general direction of the piece, but the market is not mature."

if last year’s transition is too innovative, then this is a little adjustment back posture, back to the traditional B2C industry from the current popular O2O, but still lost confidence Cai Hu, on micro-blog for several live music advertising, hiring and promotion.

small and the United States and the threshold of more than

Although the

Philharmonic live since the birth of many twists and turns, from the transformation process can not see the relevant point of contact, but insiders told Beijing Daily reporter said, this three frequent revision have a common point, that is the Philharmonic live petty complex, from the user group attribute, this point has not been changed.


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