Several common patterns of e-commerce websites


electronic commerce website according to the use of technology is different, can be divided into ERP based intranet e-commerce website based on EDI model, the extranet e-commerce website based on Web mode and mode of Internet e-commerce Web. At present, the Internet e-commerce website model Web has become the mainstream based, it is mainly through the construction of Web site, let visitors in the Internet within the limits prescribed acquiring and transmitting information, efficient information flow, capital flow, material flow between sites on both sides of trade flow and automation, complete commercial and trade activities. It has the following forms.

1) online store

by the company on the Internet to build online shop, selling goods and services on the Internet and carry out network marketing activities, in this form, enterprises communicate their business philosophy, product information, establish a corporate image through the website; and to provide goods online ordering and online payments and other basic functions. This form is commonly referred to as the B2C site. If more than one set of online stores on the formation of the online shopping center, the center is actually a network based intermediary.

2) online auction platform

this form is based on the traditional auction, the use of network multimedia technology will need to auction the goods in the online exhibition and auction, the exemption will bring physical goods move to the auction place a series of problems. The buyer is through the network to participate in the auction, so as to realize the transfer of the ownership of the homes will be able to complete the goods. In this form, the builders of the auction platform to gain benefits from the seller and the buyer’s trading activities and related activities. Taobao and eBay China is a typical representative of the online auction platform.

3) the third party market

The characteristics of this form of

is network marketing products supplier to the third party trading market to complete the third party market to establish the product catalog for the commodity supplier, provide the interface and the number of products database. Because the third party trading market has the obvious characteristics of the industry, commodity buyers easily find the ideal commodity prices in the third party trading market, and provide various services in the third party market smoothly and safely complete the transaction. Alibaba, China char digital market are those websites.

4) online purchasing center

online procurement center is dedicated to the goods and services in the online bidding and procurement website. The national government departments, institutions or large enterprises purchase bulky goods or valuables are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the electronic procurement mode, in order to reduce procurement costs, while the purchase process is open, fair and program.

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