Yuezhanyueyong knockout tournament is the death of fresh electricity

fresh service to our life and bring infinite convenient, can seem to hear news from last year mostly about bankruptcy, news of the collapse, fresh electricity are defeated, keep on fighting, but the road is still bumpy.

According to market research firm Nelson

report, China’s fresh e-commerce market will show explosive growth in the next three years. Since 2012, the rapid development of domestic fresh electricity supplier market. 2015, fresh electricity supplier market size has reached nearly 50 billion yuan, the growth rate in recent years to maintain more than 80%. 2018 is expected to exceed 150 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of up to 50%. At present, fresh food in China’s electricity supplier penetration of less than 1%, compared to clothing and 3C digital products, electricity supplier penetration rate of 20%, fresh upgrade space is also very large.

we look in 2016, the major domestic investment institutions to actively layout fresh electricity market, there are dozens of fresh electricity providers to obtain financing, investment institutions favor fresh electricity market, it seems the development prospects of fresh electricity supplier is very good.

news today, Chinese postal express logistics Limited by Share Ltd marketing department director Lu Yu said, this year, the postal China’s fresh business speed will officially enter the fresh market, fresh speed has become an important platform for heavy tree brand EMS. Even the national team also want to add a foot? It seems that the future is still a big drop!

channel resistance and long

2015 tragic closures, fresh electricity supplier has entered the stage of feudal lords vying for the throne.

in April of this year, the country’s first foray into fresh electricity supplier delicious 77 bankruptcy; in May 8th, Tmall flagship store stupid fresh students sold for 1 pounds in the past 600 thousand days. But followed by a large number of users have received the spoilage of fresh pineapple, stupid announcement that farmers sit in prices, doped low quality of pineapple, which eventually led to the loss of the store is not less than 500 thousand yuan, facing bankruptcy. So for fresh electricity supplier, in the end what are the problems?

loss is deadly

a fresh electricity supplier operators revealed that last year through online sales channels of cherry, light is in the price of the freight accounted for as high as 50%. Packaging links also need to consume a large amount of materials, and packaging and fresh loss is closely related. Packaging requirements for each individual cable are not the same.

in terms of loss, fresh B2C mode loss is much higher than traditional channels.

founder Ma six pointed out that "unbounded, not to see how many fresh electricity sales, but how many customer service return, the latter is the deciding factor."

storage is flawed

for fresh electricity supplier, the product can be divided into five temperature zones: room temperature, constant temperature (15-18 degrees), 8-15 degrees, 0-8 degrees, minus 18 degrees. Refrigerated storage of different commodities at different temperatures

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