The United States and the United States to go online to get involved in the art of online sales mark

December 2nd news, the United States online today announced that the fashion life of art trading space – the national beauty ( formally launched the operation, set foot in the online sales of works of art.

According to the United States online

CEO Gao Xiang, the "beauty" in the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art as the two main objects, collected hundreds of domestic well-known artists – thousand paintings, the future will continue to expand to other art categories. The site is set apart from the prize and the art auction information and other sectors, also launched a "virtual experience center", consumers can put their choice of art in a modern Home Furnishing virtual environment, feel the art brings to life change Home Furnishing.

national beauty page shows that most of the works of art in the price of 1600 yuan to between $120 thousand, millions, tens of millions of astronomical art is not in the sale of goods. The beauty of the target group is mainly to ordinary consumers, collectors and senior industry insiders are not in the target group.

in recent years, the rapid development of online art market. Gome online said, according to incomplete statistics, in 2013 the domestic art vertical electricity supplier has more than one thousand, but behind the dragons and fishes jumbled together.

in this regard, Gao Xiang said that the country the United States signed hundreds of well-known artists, and establish cooperation with well-known art institutions and art college, art organizations, to ensure that all works are original authentic artist. At the same time, also with the professional third party evaluation mechanism to authenticate the art works of art, according to the United States online compensation principle, if found fake fake a compensable ten".

whether or not to get involved in other fields of art, the future Gao Xiang revealed that their business development needs and consumer demand for art based on the beauty of the country will be gradually introduced in the late modern art of painting, more art categories, and gradually improve in the beauty of art category.

this is Gao Xiang as Gome online CEO, the first public statement. In September this year, the cradle of CEO Gao Xiang as Gome online CEO. Statistics show that Gao Xiang served as vice president of Dangdang, and in 2006 as the cradle of CEO.

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