Yang Wenjian how do make $10000 a month (twelve)

at that time, I do not understand the basic SEO, do not know how to find the key words of high search competition. I only pay attention to the core of a place, that is, I am concerned about the current search for a number of high search low ranking keywords ranking home page, and then look for other keywords from this website. The principle is that, as long as you find a lot of good friends, you just need to find a good friend, and then let them introduce you to other friends on the line. Looking for keywords is the same, you just need to find a good keyword, and then search the key word to find the site, and then try to find out more keywords.

is a keyword in the Baidu home page ranking, are changed regularly, especially for some keywords edge ball, Baidu won’t make the same sites have good rankings. This ranking in the first page of the site often appear different sites, each out of a new website, I will study this website why there will be a good ranking. At that time, there is no concept of SEO, do not know the title, description, keywords, web pages and other factors such as the speed of the impact of the site rankings.

is very strange, of course, so the ranking in the first page of the site are some of the pages of the site, there is no one dedicated to do a website with the home page to optimize the flow of tens of thousands of keywords IP. At that time, I found a web site is very good, and his web site is very strange. I can not read the article, the article is as follows:

luoti and at the very front of female body female body figure

positive luoti

luoti and at the very front of female body female body figure luoti positive and what is different from common? This is our primary school is often a question to do? We start from different points.

different points: one is based on the luoti diagram, one is to look at the action as the main body luoti supplemented by the body. Female body very positive luoti this thing is not logical, I think for a long time or not figured out why beauty is not ugly. See female body figure luoti positive that it is easy to think. He is looking at what the luoti figure ah.

the same point: are eight words luoti Related words! All included luoti body figure, are lady-killer favorite, all women do not want to let others see the side of the luoti, but women have to face to face of Tutu. Something very interesting. A female luoti positive body Tu said this.

began to do not understand, he wrote something, so the article can also have a good ranking trash. At that time also understand some of the SEO knowledge, know that this is called the original, but I don’t know why this original ranking is good. In particular, to consult a SEO expert, experts say someone else’s keywords layout is good. Why is good, so I followed him to write this kind of article, when the most crazy day to write words like garbage of the original article. When I write these words

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