Startups Outlook which travel sites can be the fastest success

welcome to 2013, I hope that in this year, all start-ups can be successful. We track the Startup Shootout Monthly Index more than 40 sites, including partner sites, travel sites, mobile and social games, social networking and retail, digital entertainment and other different websites, through observation, we can understand that the development of these different industrial sites. As the year January approaches, the annual tourist peak is approaching. Therefore, we specifically for a variety of tourism start-up sites were analyzed.


we only focus on those start-ups, so, like Travelocity and Priceline and other large sites are not in our observation list. Some of the sites in this observation list provide users with a variety of comments and online community forum services, and provide users with hotels, air tickets and short car booking services, such as JetSetter and Kayak.

optimize online travel agency experience

interestingly, JetSetter and Kayak are not optimized for tablet PCs. When using iPad and other tablet computers to access these sites, users see the same page as the desktop computer. However, these two sites are optimized for smart phones. While other sites on the watch list has not even been optimized for smart phones, therefore, in this regard, these two sites are more prominent.

in the use of desktop computers, JetSetter website performance is stronger than Kayak, and Kayak in the smartphone platform to perform better, we use the test phone for Apple iPhone 5.

access to Kayak, the site’s HTTP request to be good at JetSetter (14:33). Due to the high latency of the 3G network, each HTTP request will cause inconvenience to the user. Keynote recommends that companies should be optimized for smart phones when the page, the HTTP request is limited to 10 or less.

In addition to fewer HTTP requests,

requires less data on the Kayak mobile home page. The amount of data on the JetSetter and Kayak home page is more than 100KB, and the amount of data in which JetSetter is more than 800KB, Kayak is more than 120KB. We recommend that Kayak limit the amount of data in 50-80KB to reduce the delay.

on the tablet, the two online travel agent web page performance is very bad. In the 3G network environment, Kayak took 24 seconds to complete the load, JetSetter took less than 30 seconds, slower than Kayak 21>

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