The top students to create a billion network gambling platform can venture astray August 29 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Wang Junlu) across 12 provinces (city), involving hundreds of billion yuan, Zhejiang Xianju County police recently banned the large online gambling platform, actually comes from more than well-known university graduate "hand cream". So entrepreneurial road thought-provoking.

"pseudo green website" gamble "silver business" crazy sell game currency

in late May 2012, Xianju County Public Security Bureau police station investigation found Tian City called a "chess Le 786 online game. According to a suspect confessed, just 1 months, he lost more than $30 thousand in the game.

Xianju Police Department investigation found that chess Le 786 game platform set up a total of 22 games, the game interface is not much difference with the general layout and the chess game platform, the homepage also prominently marked with no use of this platform game gambling behavior, build a green health website "and other slogans.

But the police

analysis found that the game player cash to buy virtual currency in the "Wenzhou two", "cow", "small nine" 5 game betting website also exist many "silver business", they released a virtual currency trading advertising, with 3800 yuan in exchange for one hundred million game currency the price of game player to recovery of game currency, then the price of 4000 yuan sold. One of the super silver business Choi profit of several million yuan, off the line, silver business more than 40 people. Xianju is the game player with the network called the rocket "and" white "two" silver business transactions.

police said, "silver business" refers to the intermediary reselling game currency and real money. As early as 2007, the Ministry of public security and other 4 departments on the provisions of the prohibition of virtual currency, goods into cash. On the surface, the 786 companies are a regular network company, research and development, accounting, customer service, marketing and other departments. But the police believe that it is essentially a network of gambling platform built. The game platform every day players have more than 1 thousand people, millions of dollars.

June 6, 2012, the police set up a task force; in September 4th, the "rocket" and "white" two silver manufacturers’ arrest; December 14th, in Jilin Changchun police cooperation, the task force successfully captured the 786 largest gaming platform super silver business choi. Subsequently, a boss, technical backbone, silver business network gambling gangs gradually surfaced.

after more than two years of investigation, the police arrested 41 suspects involved in the case, the server involved in the investigation, computers, bank cards, more than and 50, more than and 100.

"straight" prop up the online gambling Kingdom luck


company is principally responsible for the investigation, Luo and Ma through the network to manage the game platform "silver business", Luo served as technical director, responsible for the erection of server maintenance, daily game currency out of the management, and through technical regulation tour >

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