With the teacher Wang, who PA UF, with only perish

              recently, with a friend about the company personnel structure problem, his notion of a "talent structure ABC" and "CBA", so I gain a lot, a big shock. In vain for himself for many years engaged in HR, but the structure of talents in essence understanding, still have a lot of.

              a person in the recruitment of their subordinates, even clearly require their recruitment of genius, but his subconscious is to recruit in the structure and background ability with their very like people, at the same time level than their low point, so he the psychological management will have an advantage, will be very comfortable. If you do not believe, a deep reflection on their own, there is no similar subconscious. In this subconscious, a company’s leaders, if his ability to A and other words, he will not consciously recruit B or B+ personnel as the company VP; and VP will follow the same subconscious to recruit people to do C or C+ director. And so on, the personnel structure of a company from top to bottom is the "ABC" structure, the whole company the best person is the boss himself.

              many startups are looking for business when his former subordinates to do their own executive team; and they were looking for their subordinates to enrich their own team; descending down, this is the limit! Not only the ability of talent is getting weaker and weaker, but outsiders can not get in, and finally become a dead cycle, in the end.

              the best management book "from good to excellent" inside the concept of "fifth level managers", their behavior is a sign – deceased funeral says: "first, the outstanding person please get in, they will decide the car should be where." And the ability to become a successful fifth leaders, the premise is the ability to recruit more talented than their own, breaking the talent ABC structure. So my friend put forward a new concept: "talent structure CBA". Is a company’s leaders themselves as C, when he found his own subordinates, be sure to look than their own ability, which is B; if the same idea pushed B in search of better than their own people, which is A. This copy down, a company shall, in order to truly achieve the "ancestors funeral". A leader, his personal ability is very important for the success of his career; his more important ability is to find someone better than him to his team.


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