n this article the advertisement changes the tradition of network advertisement

online advertising market is in an unprecedented leap forward in the history of the node, before we have the entire company’s server together only 4 units, is now basically a day to buy a server." Long Interactive Advertising Co., Ltd. chairman and CEO Su Yi described the upcoming changes in the online advertising market.

network advertising 2.0

is now the country’s largest advertising operators in the text of the Dragon extension interactive was founded in 2001, was mainly engaged in Internet advertising agency services.

at that time in the winter of the Internet, many sites seem to suddenly understand a simple truth – to find ways to make money. Internet advertising as a new advertising model has been placed high hopes, but was quickly put into a secondary position. Many sites, especially small and medium sites in the slow growth of Internet advertising disappointed, instead of text messages, online games, such as the last straw. Compared with print ads, TV ads is a million revenue income, Internet advertising has vowed to expect the prosperity of event did not occur.

"at that time, a lot of Internet advertising is to work for the principle, as long as there is space on the page if advertising, plus a floating window pop-up window etc.. Users see these ads, there is only one word, annoying. Communication effect will be greatly reduced, many advertisers are reluctant to spend the main budget on the Internet advertising." Su Yi said that in this period of time, long extension interaction and a lot of Internet advertising agency, like how to survive and develop problems.

Su Yi did not forget to borrow the popular concept of 2 to the development of online advertising industry to distinguish.

in his view, 2003 is a turning point in online advertising. 2003 years ago is the quasi 1 era of online advertising, advertising forms have been, more customers on the role of Internet advertising, the value is not very recognized. By 2003, many industries, companies are aware of the release of their advertising on the Internet, may bring great influence to corporate sales. By 2005, many online advertising practitioners and advertisers, advertising in network interaction, expression and effect of force are superior to the traditional advertising, began a large-scale investment, so the network advertising 2 times the originator."

also in 2005, longtuo.com began to enter the marketing and the effect of network advertisement intelligent communication field, will transfer the development focus of advertising products to spread effect and how to play the unique advantages of the Internet interactivity, this concept has been in Gobi (Gobi), the VC identity.

in March this year, "embedded ad dotting (Clickeye) officially launched, and longtuo.com brewing launched include network, talent network, buckwheat call bell bell Di paid advertising and many other new network advertising business group.

during this period, blog advertising, video search ads and other new generation network >

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