Fans interactive tools Audingo $3 million Angel Fund

Audingo today announced a $3 million angel fund. Audingo allows celebrities, artists to send information to their fans, fans can voice, text, e-mail, video and other ways to spy on the idol’s every move.

Audingo from the line in 2010, they began a regional pilot, has been open to celebrities and organizations in the United states. For this angel fund, the company CEO and founder Boukadakis said:

Audingo angel investors witnessed the pace of growth of Audingo. More importantly, through Audingo, the majority of users and their loved ones have a deeper level of communication. Audingo brings a unique value for the field of social media. We are very excited about Audingo’s success.

now celebrities on the Audingo from radio, television, sports, political circles, music circles, government departments and other fields. We hope to be able to give fans more opportunities to get in touch with idols."

Merritt, co-founder and chairman of Audingo, said celebrities are very interested in Audingo’s service:

"a lot of celebrities and public leaders know that their reputation is largely due to the support of the fans, so they hope to have more interaction with the fans through Audingo."

According to Audingo, the company will join the dialogue mechanism, in addition to the celebrity’s one-way message, when fans can communicate directly with their idols,


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