Effect of station page to fine tune the search engine included


some time ago to raise a Babel of criticism of Baidu K API station Amoy business, but now there are still many webmasters use the API website, the advantage of API is self-evident. There are a lot of very cow webmaster, Baidu search home page has talent shows itself in the. It had to let us these new API station stationmaster thought.

for guest station API, the probability of the page content change is very small, should not be difficult to find, in accordance with the home sales rankings are always so few goods. Because the seller to catch up from behind is too small, good selling commodity rankings will not change much, at least this is top. So this leads to the API content of the station for a long time look is the same, it. Search engine will be seen as a long time you did not update, for an update of the station, the search engine will not have much interest. If your site is downloaded from the Internet, the so-called famous API source code, then the search engine is more likely to pay attention to the smaller.

some Webmaster Station for a long time, included has no breakthrough. If you are using the Internet to download the API source code, then look at the following text, perhaps to help you. Because, I used to be a copy webmaster, through repeated practice, I found that even if the use of the same source as others, can still be different. The secret is: adjust, micro adjustment. If your site has been included in the stability, but not much, most of the reason is that your station and others have been included in the content of the station to repeat too much, or the content of your station for a long time did not get updated. API station this shortcoming should be included in the influence of a factor.

if you can not control the API program and the use of the database to update the site, then do some changes on the page should be very easy to change the text, local increase or reduce some modules. Move a little at a time, not too often. Let the search engine think you are constantly updated. If the change is too frequent, it is not good, just started my station often change the source code, change keywords. Baidu directly not included. Remember, do not always change to change, do not change. To a slight change in the page for a period of time. Even if the content is the same, the location of the layout adjustment, the classification of the page navigation changes, the site is also beneficial.

Once you know the

search engine updated frequently, he also frequented the page, change slowly, not only attracted a search engine, and make yourself stand slowly become out of the ordinary, the website and others similar places to get rid of. For a long time, included up, the content is unique. As for the scope and frequency of change, to grasp their own, can not be too frequent, and after the change to some original, part of the change. It will not be long before your site will be significantly increased.

rarely write articles, the level of lack of some of this experience to share with you, I wish you all the better the site. This article by the ineinei.com Adsense small Hui in A5 release, thank you support >

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