Several problems of online Entrepreneurship

experience: determine the appropriate business scope.

if it is an enterprise, if there are already mature products, plus considerable market demand, this is not a problem. Like the previous mentioned Shandong garlic, Shaanxi peasant paintings, the scenery, and all have unique resources can be used, only how to marketing. If the enterprise existing product or market, you want to borrow the machine on the Internet for adjustment, or if you are a person, who use the Internet to provide ease of starting a business to become the era of network, so well it off.

determine the scope of business, the main consideration should be given to the use of their own resources, expertise, the most blind imitation. Chinese people have "herd" wrong, you have to be careful! If you want to do now is not to be done, then you will take the lead. Entrepreneurship, the core is a creative word, in the creative spirit embodied in the creative word, entrepreneurial spirit.

experience two: have the risk of psychological quality, while minimizing the risk to the minimum.

innovation is always accompanied by failure, but in the continuous innovation and exploration, you will be successful (especially for you "custom" "success") more and more close. A door can’t get through, and the other door will open for you. What is the way of heaven without man? The truth is the same. For an online entrepreneurs, has tried to two or three kinds of business lost, is commonplace.

again, your goal is to succeed, not to fail, so try every time you have to find ways to minimize the risk. So you need to spend a lot of time to study, to demonstrate, to make sure the business plan.

experience three: focus on marketing.

to do this, you need to consider the following questions: (1) why do we start our own business?. (2) what kind of business do we have to make sure you want to run the product (or service)?. (3) what is our distinguishing feature? Find a unique "selling point" that is different from others. (4) what is the benefit of our product (or service) to the buyer?. When it is locked, the door will not open, the car will not have to worry about falling out. This is the benefits of your products to customers. (5) how to establish a good reputation? You should pay enough attention to the customer relationship, the establishment of customer contact card, the customer ‘s affirmative opinion for publicity. (6) what is the next step for the customer? Each marketing tool should have a clear objective, so that customers or potential customers know what to do next. For example, when someone comes to your web site, you have to show them exactly what they want to do next, whether to buy your product, ask for more information, or subscribe to a newsletter?

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