Career guidance to think in the network network business personnel

from very early in the morning, someone told me that the network is virtual, so, like many people, I want to understand entrepreneurship can not easily choose the network, then, through the analysis of their own personal practice, as well as the domestic and foreign employment situation, and without hesitation choose the network.

after several years of research, analysis of the network to make money model, profits, etc., summed up the following points.

1 design class

forms such as China, pig and other tasks, modify LOGO, or through the design of website template, software and other forms, more or less can earn some money, but need to be creative, it is not suitable for people to choose the primary.

2 web site class


Chinese website traffic is not very valuable, the objective reason is not to say, but the site or not, I am optimistic about including a way to make money, his requirements than design relatively easy, as long as familiar with the basic HTML language, can be said to easily create a website. I used to write a website with Notepad, you can exercise their input speed and logical thinking, etc.)

3 writing promotion class


requires low in some, such as: network platform mainly to form, is to write text (software promotion articles), there is a sense of humor, personality messages, there are certain literary skills can try.

4 Click class

this kind of small Qin is not optimistic, mainly by clicking on advertising to make money, to some extent, is cheating. Perhaps China’s flow of depreciation and he has a close relationship.

5 read news

this form, such as the early NEWSBAR, etc., through the toolbar, or the form of web pages, which is called the news to make money. Although everyone can make money publicity, but really get very little money, it can be said that even do not have the money to get the money back.

other ways to make money is not much to say. Such as Taobao, things need to have a supply of goods, transportation channels, etc., in addition to the credibility, who is not willing to lose money is not.

in short, if you want to network business, is to have a clear mind, precise judgment, there are many traps on the network, this is inevitable, but not because of the trap and give up opportunities, there is a saying: the number of success is getting up one more time than you fall.

if you want to contact Wangzhuan, go to the task China, station exercise, or go hand in hand net practice pen, do promotion work, not for money, part-time practice writing, learn marketing knowledge, edify sentiment is also good.

finally, warns everybody, do not believe those who earn thousands of class advertising, earn thousands of yuan, is estimated to lead to boast of people income. The people behind, is estimated to have lost no money, nor with sleight of hand, perhaps the quilt is you. The network business difficulties in.

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