n the 25 year old ma Jiajia watershed the business world does not spell cute

believers in the Internet thinking at the beginning of the new year to send blessings. Lei Jun, Ma jiajia.

noted billion state power network, yesterday, just entered the 25 year old 90 entrepreneurs Ma Jiajia in his personal account, WeChat, in addition to the age of a "sense of injury", but also revealed the growthexperience, already possible changes will encounter various external and inner world in a business environment.


she stressed that the change in the growth of a little violent and microstrip pains, 25 years old is called "adults". Can no longer just make the world more lovely and exist. We must learn to communicate and grow together to deal with the relationship between contract and economy.

"the business world is no longer because of your energetic, cutting-edge, thinking, for you to draw a space for one person. You have to be able to output cost-effective exchange of interest. No one will give you a message, wow, like your attitude, pink you. You have to know what others want, help others to fulfill their dreams and change the lives of others."

Ma Jiajia said, 2014 is the life of the most tired one year, dealing with the sudden flood of plunder, blind worship, unprovoked attack, it will bring n opportunities, n identity, n partners, n times of trial and error.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Ma Jiajia settled in Sanlitun in 2014, opened the erotic line store experience powerful, after the media chasing and flattery, is regarded as the most subversive Internet thinking after 90 representatives from all walks of life to be suppressed. On the other hand, Ma Jiajia’s personal occupation career has also undergone a subtle change, to fashion Cosmo from supplier to do digital editor, to get a multi link between business and community.

the following is the author of Ma Jiajia, 90 after 25, meaning that no longer be tolerant from age:

January 2015 1st,

woke up in the hotel in Seoul, brush under the WeChat group, to see a few girls in the discussion of what 25 after the loss of collagen, after 25 will be very want to find a boyfriend.

I suddenly also produced a strange mood, in the future can not continue to buy only the replenishment of skin care products?

yeah, about to throw the mobile phone, so I don’t cock, also cannot escape this vulgar fate?

style is so wrong.

must find a crack "fate" of the theory and method of studying, age, the slightest wrong order out, a little dry, atrophy, until death.

will not escape the fate of those who are not addicted to the natural chips that will eventually fade away".

you have to admit their own "age bonus" has ended, can in the next ten years, live. "

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