The target market and make users more accurate survey Wangzhuan Road

many times we need to study and users of the target market, especially not Wangzhuan industry, target market research and user survey marketing will be a clue, have a direct impact on sales and promotion of late, so the target market research and user survey is a required course for every webmaster. In this paper, seven aspects of how to carry out market research and user survey.

, the first Google keyword tool: This tool is the webmaster should should understand, in the tool input keywords, Google will give a series of keywords and the related keyword search volume and price bidding. A search for "lose weight", will give way to lose weight, weight loss, diet, weight and other dozens of available keywords, and lists the degree of competition and the amount of search, the search volume is in direct response to the user’s attention and market demand.

Estimation tool

second, hits: you want to completely understand some key industry competition and flow, in addition to keyword tool but also must consider the traffic estimation tool given the data, there are a lot of tools, easy to find. Of course, the click of the estimated tool is only as a reference, can not be completely accurate 100%.

third, Baidu index query: believe Baidu index is most webmaster using a free tool for most of the real traffic official has stressed that Baidu index does not represent specific keywords, but on the whole can reflect the keywords of users and search frequency, is a good reference.

Fourth, the overall trend of

query: Generally speaking some words on behalf of the future trend of heat within a period of time the word, can the overall trend for the marketing strategy of webmaster keywords specified direction, laying the groundwork for later expansion. Common trend query tools have Google trends, such as YAHOO vane.

fifth, SNS, forum survey: there are a lot of people love SNS global social networks and forums, so direct inquiry method is very effective in the above post, can ask the user evaluation of certain products or services, or what problems need to be solved, competitors or whether accepted etc.. In this way, users can get the most real idea.

sixth, accurate poll: in addition to the SNS forum and other places, also can be in their existing sites or with words related to website poll, although the need to pay some investigation, but the range of data more accurate, for determining selling and copy writing is not a small help.

seventh, the direct use of PPC: this method is generally used in small numbers, but the most effective. When you use PPC to search for a survey, you can do a survey site to allow users to fill in a detailed form, in return, you can give some products or shopping vouchers. These surveys will cost a certain amount of money, but the data is the most direct, the most

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