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development of the Internet today, more and more people begin to contact Wangzhuan, but many novice is still very confused, in the end how to do Wangzhuan, SEO is the only Wangzhuan road? No! Wangzhuan is really simple, but we did not insist, here the red Wangzhuan forum to share some of our team’s experience and experience, hope the inspiration to all new


excellent talents to Wangzhuan writing ability: + savvy; language ability (voice) + skill + strong understanding; understanding; comprehensive ability or these strong people belong to Wangzhuan special talent, can have as big. As the name implies, here writing is to write articles, readily can write and write a hobby, not every day to write my heart itch, thinking to express.

language ability here refers to the sound of a good day, a vapid word by others express the voice can be contagious. Our unit before a girl graduated from technical school to enterprise team, but what looks like is not capable of living, if is the electrician, every day at the site has been loafing, monitor is to take care of her. Each unit has a speech contest or poetry recitation contest, she can get the first place, often presided over large-scale events. It is a pity that she can’t write it, others to write, she can do.

a Panzhihua beauty pageant, she went to the competition and won the second runner up. The suit is borrowed, borrowed the evening announcer she successfully entered service, cable TV station. Later, Panzhihua had a cycad fair, she became a tour guide Miss fame, Yunnan TV was poached. The girl presided over the program in Yunnan Yunnan Taiwan, perhaps we have seen, not to mention my name, after all others is now a celebrity, and famous for many years. Sound is a person’s day, the day after tomorrow will be able to work as the Internet is no exception.

here is a good technology, the technology is needed on the internet. Simple almost everyone, even if is not easy to learn, the article emphasizes the technology is skilled, ordinary people can not solve the problem of skilled people can solve, but also through some special cases of fame. For example, many people can copy others ", but some pages need to design, there is no ready-made page copy, if one page will be planned and perfectly, the asking price is not high, this man will soon become famous, good business nature.

next to the understanding of each additional conditions are included in the word savvy. Literally understood that this person must be smart. The word I want to be smart in every person engaged in the network, because the network can choose to start, should be very clever. Here said the wise is to be familiar with the Internet, familiar with internet savvy, proficient in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.

savvy high school quickly, to understand a business quickly, understanding in place.

this is the golden Wangzhuan remind you that there are specialty >

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