Full text of the garbage station – one (novice on the road)

Why do I want the new bar behind the dumpster? Because the area is MJJ Laoniao, you will not see him, he could knock you hard half keyboard     I am proud of the wind. R: or something new, – and there are many new owners, to tell the old truth, initially do stand still can immediately return the best.

     一:你先注册一个顶米:有不少人是用二级米搞垃圾站,晕,本人不感冒,顶米不管是在收录,解析,或者给人感觉都是有优势的,不要以为垃圾站就是那些 ××站,真的有那么垃圾(这里有必要说说: 我介绍的垃圾站么种意义来说你并不感觉他垃圾) ,:我绝对不宣传挂马,病毒,强奸网友IE的勾当的 "垃圾站",   扯远了,其实一句话,做站别省米钱,做垃圾站也别省! 虽然垃圾站容易被K,但是你别心疼,如果你被K掉了10个以上的米还在继续做,那我先恭喜你了,你已经有点道道了,HOHO,干什么是不需要代价的呢? ——不过你并没有付出多大的 The cost of your trash meters is not K, then I can say that you have not done Baidu intolerable, although Baidu K station not what reason, but he is definitely the most K large flow of stuff, you MJJ one day a few hundred IP, you want to K it, ha ha, the other the external flow you up later. Don’t forget to put advertising, advertising for what I would come back after a post, as long as you flow is large enough, you can recover the general > within January

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