How do make new sites 30 days GG income of $one thousand

Hello, believe that everyone on the GG advertising plan is not strange, if many people can income to GG, have a lot of questions, I have one, after my own attempts, confirm that GG can make money, and advertising revenue is also good, the following pay on my GG account income picture.


How about

, is not the income can be, ha ha. I’m an image station, the address is only a month GG ads, and now I have to do a mobile phone picture stand, because the picture station traffic is still very good, below share with you a return process I,

want to get advertising revenue from GG, first of all is to have a GG account, and is approved, then that is part of their website, the website design must be simple, concise, advertising is the best picture, the number of ads per page is not more than 5 words. The second is a huge advertising advertising text ads to connect connection. In the title bar and navigation bar near, recommend the use of GG custom connection. An update site not too much content, new words every day to update the 10–20 content can be updated, if more, search engine will think is cheating, the rankings are not before, so a day update, uninterrupted promotion the basic income, no problem, I stand on the IP now more than and 400, previously heard people say IP only can make money, but now I don’t think so, do a website is to let others love, like these, after a month I one thousand Dollars when Lao ~


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