The highest realm of Wangzhuan 100 Web sites let you fall asleep to make money

What is the highest level of

earned? In fact, this is not an exact answer, each one according to his lights, I think, can do it easily, lying in bed, make a lot of money, which should be regarded as the highest realm of Wangzhuan


today on Admin5 around, saw an article called "muffled money: hundreds of thousands of individual stationmaster business website", which makes me one of the earthquake, usually, I think a person has dozens of hundreds of websites, even the cattle, but did not think there are a few people have one hundred thousand sites, too what surprised me.


Wangzhuan predecessors named Xu Yang, domain name investment origin. Its mode of operation is that the hands of a large number of domain names are docked, each site is only a single page. This domain traffic generated by the hundreds of thousands of dollars is extremely alarming, 2289 bring his income every month. We’re not talking about whether there is such a person, whether he has such a cow B, but his Wangzhuan experience is worth us to draw lessons from and carry forward the absolute.

had thought of Ali Daddy this way, but can not think of a good way of management. And we can not copy his model, so I’ll give you an analysis of what we need to do investment:

1 to buy 1 virtual host, of course is abroad, tell the record of trouble, the station is recommended to use the Lunarpages host, its biggest advantage is to support domestic bank card payment, can build a website


2 to buy 100 CN domain, CN domain name because you can get 1 yuan, so the Wangzhuan industry has brought changes in turn the world upside down.

3 spend some time every day, at least to do a web site (can be a single page, but to optimize the key word), the promotion of advertising alliance products, here I recommend the results of advertising alliance!

, after 3 months, your income will change greatly, the reason is that it is very simple, but many people are not able to perform, however, but the long-term income, as long as you put these 100 sites well, you will be asleep to make money, to 3 months to try the

, isn’t it?

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