Look at the world through here and let your vision be full of stories

you go to any place, hold up the phone, open the camera to take pictures, leave their own "here to visit," the label, you can see other people stay here when the label. If you have time, willing to spend a little, do not want to fall into the stereotypes to leave a "tour", then enter the words you want to say; if you are too lazy to knock a word, then direct voice input. In addition to entertain, you can also find other people reply information (also supports text and voice response). I think this passage can introduce the main function of "here". The mobile application in September this year on the line, has launched iOS and Android versions.

look at the "here" the official introduction: "here" is based on a MAR (Mobile Augmented Reality, mobile augmented reality) technology information discovery and sharing platform, the user opens "here" through the mobile phone camera, which saw in the lens of the buildings, streets will emerge some real virtual information labels, users you can create content, free to express feelings, leave footprints, finally they will become a three-dimensional virtual label. Other users arrive on the same scene can be left in the scene of the encounter in the label, mood, footprint, Raiders, tips, delicacy and beauty can also find here; you can also share with friends each label, comment, or share to micro-blog and WeChat and other platforms.

"here" the creative team leader Wang Shilin said, "here" to build, is a full time social network. It is to do social? "Here" the ongoing A round of financing now, when hearing the concept, that is often the first reaction of investors: do social, you beat the Tencent? But when listening to Wang Shilin’s description, investors are saying: cool.

Wang Shilin explained that, on the one hand, "here" is a social product, but in fact, "here" in the future can do e-commerce, is the big data mining based on a large number of tags: since users share numerous labels why not to idle away in seeking pleasure, and business cooperation? (sounds as public comment). However, such a large data mining clearly requires enough accumulation of tags. Therefore, the goal here is at the end of next year, covering 100 million labels in the Chinese territory, the accumulation of 5 million to 10 million users.

and when the label is enough, the search becomes possible. Wang Shilin said, "here" all original search engine based on the team, is now embedded search is the search based on when the viewfinder viewfinder, stop somewhere, the system will be the default search engine. With the development and improvement of the product, "here" will also encourage users to initiate active search.

social, electricity providers, search, the domestic Internet giant BAT in doing things, have been included here in the development plan, a big jump in the gap three

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